Sometimes I Think...

How does it feel to be an insufferable know-it-all?”

“It feels good. Amazingly good. Though I never tried to be one, you know, a know-it-all. Things just happened.

Just. leave. me. alone.”

“Fine. Calm down.”

“Wait. Really!? You are leaving me alone?”

“What is there to be surprised of? Didn’t you just ask me to leave you alone?

You continue doing your stuff. I didn’t see anything.”


“Or did I? I won’t be telling any other human though.

No decision is bad. It is a result of every decision you have ever taken in your life, or in before-life, that you are what-you-now-are. Some decisions were not even yours to take. You can find ample examples. Can’t you?

Things change. They have to. What you have in your hands is what you can control. Five fingers. Fine. I admit. That one was a poor joke.

People say that they won’t change. I promised someone that too. What I have realised now is I am ‘vulnerable’… wait, no… a better substitute would be ‘susceptible’ to change.

So, the final quote, as it is supposed to appear is this: ‘People say they won’t change but since change is the law of nature, avoid changing things that make you who you are. Unless of course, they are bad.’ In that case, I would strongly advise you to change those habits/things as soon as the realisation occurs.

Life. If you have lived a perfect life… I shouldn’t say anything in this case because it depends on how you define the word PERFECT. Your perfect will(can) never be same as mine. Everyone has a different PERFECT because PERSPECTIVE.

Avoid using swear words. They don’t cause any harm other than corrupting the morals of not-yet-mature audience.

People don’t care. Why do they show-off? It takes energy to show things off. Be a good person. Conserve your energy. STOP SHOWING OFF. You can always make use of that conserved energy in some other task.

People often say: GROW UP. YOU ARE NOT A CHILD ANYMORE. You don’t have to say that. Kids will, automatically, grow up. And, if you think that you have grown up enough, believe me, you haven’t.

People don’t die. They cease to exist physically.

I hate schools. Kids get bullied there: sometimes by other kids, sometime by the people who claim themselves to be GROWN-UPS.

Paradox. The world is, and so has my life been.

Believe and Remorse are two(too) powerful things. When one fails to believe at the correct instant, remorse takes over.

People don’t affect me but they ARE affecting my writing. I am getting annoyed now.

I am the worst searching algorithm that you can ever find. Probably. I don’t expect anyone else to be worse than me.